Big Bang Science Fair

Yesterday, ten pupils from 6MJ and 6SK went to the Big Bang Science Fair in Doncaster.  However, we were not the only school going to the fair, we were joined by Brodetsky, Alwoodley and Allerton High.

When we arrived in Doncaster , I was surprised that there were so many science projects.  I was so excited that I wanted to try them all.  The first project that we made was an aeroplane.  We worked in groups of three and four.  Our first step was to design the plane.  Next we had to get a piece of foam board and cut out our design.  After, we constructed our plane design, putting all the pieces together.  Finally, we tested our plane and let it fly.

Later that day the sun was scorching even more, so the teachers decided that we would all have something from the ice cream van.  We all sat in the shade, racing our cars that we made in another project.

Sadly, a few hours later it was time to leave.


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