Fairtrade Footballs!

Today 6MJ were very lucky to experience a football workshop with two members of the charity LeedsDCE (Hannah and Megan).
During this workshop we experienced making footballs and learning how, and where, footballs are made. Footballs were made in a country near India named Pakistan. In Pakistan footballs are made in many different ways for example, some footballs are hand stitched and use glue and some footballs are made by using sewing machines, but all footballs are made in a factory.
In Pakistan people who made footballs were not allowed to work at home since there may be children there and it is apparent that it is unsafe for children to be in a place where footballs are being made.
Some people may think that Fairtrade footballs are not a thing, but surprisingly they are. Fairtrade footballs are used because many people who make footballs are not getting paid fairly for example, people who clean the footballs would get twice the amount of money compared to the people who stitch the footballs and that is nowhere near fair!
We were told how Fairtrade are trying to make the manufacture of footballs fairer.
Simrath 6MJ

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